Many things had been going on lately and I have lost the ability to react towards bullshits certain situations.

One of it is EXPECTATIONS.

Some people may think that happiness is when you get what you give. In other words, it’s like a “positive”(?) version of you reap what you sow.

But then again, is that what we call happiness? Or just a sense of obligatory shit that makes everyone around you to do shit for you just because you did the same before?

The BIGGEST bullshit ever.

I repeat.

BULLSHIT. 91cd06c0b196666c7e4abdf16856f3d1.gif

Now will be the right time for people to be told to grow their asses up and stop living in other people’s dreams. YOU GOT YOUR OWN LIFE TO LIVE! Why would you want to expect things to be reciprocated all the time?

I’m not implying that I never had any expectations before in my life.


Yeah. I did. But that was before puberty.

Get my point? GROW UP!

As what a friend of mine told me:

“When will people learn how to stop expecting for the same thing to be done for them?”(VL, 2017)

At times, not all that are given should be returned. You do something for people because you WANTED to do, not NEED to do.

What about those that have been neglected after doing so much for the other party? So, is it okay to not be appreciated and just move on with expecting more from them?

I am so done with the world right now, I kid you not. 3Q0OEj8.gif

The title pretty much covers up the whole objective of this post and before anyone would want to bash me up, please calm ya t*ts.

This is MY opinion. Any butthurt that would want to come up to my face and say shit, you may proceed to the door that says “No F**ks Are Given


Stop expecting, start appreciating.


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