Let it be R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, EDM, Chillhop, Kpop, Jpop, or even Lollipop!


You name it, I got it! (Okay the lollipop part is shit lame I am sorry oops).

There are TONNSSSS of underrated songs and music that people tend to not pay attention to, which is quite surprising……….and sad T-T

I have a few list of underrated “bops” that I think you guys would enjoy and…yeah..just…mm..listen to them pleasueee

1. KHip-Hop

I started venturing into the kpop fandom in 2007 and I still remember watching SNSD‘s “Gee  thinking that it was some kind of anime opening theme or some shit. Yeap, IT WAS A HUGE HIT THEN!

As I learn more about the korean music industry, my interest shifted to KHip-Hop and never have I been more satisfied with my choices in life (HALLELUJAH!)

My current bop is from DPR LIVE‘s God Bless featuring the infamous Punchnello. Who are they? Well, they are LEGENDS!


Dis boi here is Punchnello and daym that filmography skills goddaammitt! Check out the entire video here:


2. Chill-Hop

Many may have or may not have come across this type of genre before. Me neither. Until I tarted watching a wicked anime called Samurai Champloo. The traditional mixed urban anime series includes numerous of cool-ass beats from the one and only late Nujabes and my ears was blessed ever since. This genre is really soothing yet it kind of makes you want to bop your head all day long without giving a damn. In a way, it’s like getting your “inner peace” (Kung-Fu Panda reference ngehehe).

My second bop would be from TOKiMONSTA’s Midnight Menu. These songs from this album are the right songs for you to get in your chill mode and complete whatever shit that’s in your way from relaxing. THIS ALBUM HAS TONES OF COOL-ASS BOPS and I would personally like to thank my older brother for this (S/O to Mackeral bloop bloop).

giphy (3).gif
TOKiMONSTA is a LADEHMONSTA! Check out the audio video below as this has no official music video

Cool ehhhh? EHHHHHH???!!!

3. Childish Gambino

Nope, he’s not a kid. He’s a perfectly grown and talented man. His real name is Donald Glover and boy he makes such good music! He’s a rapper and a singer, which is quite cool because I SUCK AT BOTH! I’m just going to let his music do the talking for you guys.

Here’s my personal favorite that I found from Spotify called Sober.

Someone call a priest! This kid is high af deym! Check this crazy kid dancing below:

Really tho. Get him a priest asap and protect this kid.


Sometimes, we always overlook the local music talents and as far as I heard them, THEY ARE PRETTY GOOD! I’ve been listening and updating myself with the Malay Hip Hop craze and I am more than proud to be a Malaysian thanks to these talented people.

This was released 2 years ago but this shit is lit af! Here’s Joe Flizzow’s “Baek” (Good)

He kind of reminds me of a Korean rapper psstt DOK2 or maybe I’m just imagining heh. Well, check out this dope “GOOD” video of his:


Well, for now, I will just list down 4 of my favorites to share with all of you and also to let you all know that there are PLENTY of awesome-ass music waiting to be heard and to be enjoyed.

Whoever it is, let us not forget about the local stars and musicians who put their heart and soul into making good music and “bops”.


Please do support this weird song that was created by my brother, featuring myself 😀




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