The amount of times I’ve failed in life are definitely more than me succeeding in this forsaken adulthood. There were times I felt like giving up and just burn everything that are infront of me and just ball up in a random corner to rot.

“Sorry, we cannot proceed with your application.”

“Unfortunately, we have found better candidates for this position.”

“You have lack of experience in this field.”

“You are not suitable for this position.”

AAAAAAAAAAANNNNDDDDDDD many other messages of rejection.2bca5b1f498d10f5c92d25b8b81f9d66

All I ever wanted in life is a chance to prove myself to the world that I am able to give more than what my resume says and to make myself feel less of a worthless piece of anchovy.

After all that struggle, hard work, insults, sleepless nights, worries, heartaches and emotional meltdown, MY DREAMS FINALLY CAME TRUE!

I love to write and writing makes me feel calm and at ease. Especially when you get to convey all your thoughts and emotions on a blank space without getting judged at. Ever since I had that interest, I’ve always wanted to make this as a profession and share my written ideas and thoughts to my very own readers (hence, this wordpress page :D)

I was continuously rejected by NUMEROUS of companies when I applied to be their content/copy writer. I thought maybe my competency in written English isn’t good enough or not up to their standards, so I continued to improve and reapply.

FINALLY, a company decided to give me the opportunity and make me as their Junior Copy Writer. Yes.



(psstt! JUNIOR copywriter hokeehhh)

Either way, I finally did it! Thanks to loosing my job and thanks to all the other companies that rejected me for being a loser, THANK YOU!

Guys, with every failure comes a success. Trust me on this one.

Have faith, keep on going no matter how far the road takes you and be strong!

But, a word of advice. If you do not have any passion with what you are doing now,


Life is short.

Why bother being unhappy when you can spend the rest of your remaining lives being happy as fuck hell?

Till then,

NK signing out!


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