Motivation, where art thou?
I’ve been searching for you, high and low.

Every morning, I wake up thinking, “Hey, today’s going to be one heck of the day and I’m going to kill whatever shit that’s standing in my way.”
But whenever I end my day, I still feel like a shitty rotten onion in a broken basket, waiting to be transfered to a new one.

It’s been awhile since I do the things I love these days. My daily favourite routine seemed to be a hassle or a big chore these days. Sometimes I’d get the urge to do it, but it all vanishes in a few seconds and questioning why should I even do this instead.

For instance, I love drawing and I’d remember drawing almost everyday as if it was my oxygen to stay alive. But now, I only draw when I feel like drawing. Am I bored? HELL NO! Then why?

Many would say, “It’s because you got no time”, “You’re tired, that’s all”, “That probably wasn’t your forte since the begining”, or even this, “You’ve aged”. PRFFT wat?!

I don’t know anymore. Somewhere in there, in my room, in my house, or even in my cerebrum, my motivation is stuck and having a really hard time coming out probably because I am subconsciously trapping it between of my my thoughts and my imagination.

It sucks. It is as if I’m expecting something but I am not really wanting anything from anything or anyone.

Motivation, where art thou?
Come to me, come out now!




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