crying woman black & white

The day has finally come.

I was not looking forward to visit that place. But this time, I got no excuse not to. A saga filled with unfaithful memories started to pop out of my mind while droplets of sweat starts falling down from my jawline incessantly.

As I turn the door knob, a loud squeak was heard but I stepped in nevertheless. There, I met my friend. In certain days, that same friend of mine was my worst enemy. But this time, friend or foe, I had to go in and face that persona before it’s too late.

You see, meeting my friend is my everyday routine. I’d never miss a single day without looking at my friend. But now, it won’t be as frequent as before.

I looked at my friend, tears started to roll down and I could feel my cheeks heat up from my emotions. “Calm down, Nitya. It will all be okay”, I reassured myself. Wiping my tears away and slapping my cheeks a little, I gained confidence to share my feelings with my friend.

“I’m sorry”. I regretted saying that. I wanted to create happy memories and make my friend remember the good times we spent together. But then, everything was different. It won’t be the same anymore.

I let all my frustrations and wrath to my friend. That day, I was despised. I wasn’t the very same friend that was once loved. I was worse than Hades himself. I destroyed all the trust my friend had towards me and created a barrier between our friendship. It was devastating and heartbreaking. I had no choice at all.

But I know I still have one last resort and I know if I did that, things will turn back to the way it was before, to the days when we first met. I needed my friend. I reached for my friend’s shoulders and pressed the backbone of that poor soul, which was my friend’s weak spot. I knew once I did that, it will be over between us.

As I was ready to leave my friend behind, I heard a scream. That very familiar scream that I’d usually hear everytime I leave my friend alone in that solitude of confinement. That time, the scream was loud and rather horrifying.

I didn’t want to look back and regret my decisions when I step out from that closed area. I locked my friend in, screaming, all alone.

My mother, the cause of our fallen friendship, came to me and wondered, “What was it this time?”

How can she be so clueless? How can she not understand the pain that is bleeding inside of me? Why can’t she see that whatever she does will make me sore in and out from this terror of hers?

I sighed and looked at her, feeling betrayed and defeated, and replied;

“It was diarrhoea”



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