You wake up everyday, wishing for a better day. Sipping a glass of warm coffee on a perfect morning while welcoming the sun that is just about to wake up after you. Today’s going to be a good day, you say to yourself.

However, as soon as you step into your daily routine as an adult, things start to get chaotic and a little messy. Nothing seems to go on your way and you start making mistakes, screwing things up as you try to fix them. That is when you feel like giving up and not wanting to do anything because no matter what you do, it’s never enough nor it’s never right.

There. That’s when you get yourself a new friend called The Demotivator, thanks to overthinking.

Let’s see how your new friend can help pull yourself down with these 3 main points.


“This is not right”, “You are not good at this”, “You need to learn more”, “This is not your first time”, “You must know this”

These words are the ones in your head, pulling you down, and making you think that you are not worthy as a team player. You feel like a liability, start throwing yourself into the shambles of dark negativity.

But, with all these thoughts, will they help you to grow into someone better? Or will they help to stop these words from occurring in your life time?

Hell no.

So, stop. Shut your pessimistic-self in a room far away from your reach. The very same words that are pulling you down right now are known as constructive criticisms. Take those words and refer them everyday to be a better you in future. These “negative” words are literally the key to your success.


When you TRY to not make mistakes, that is when you do the most screw-ups than you’ll ever do. So, when this happens, you feel weak and let the fear eat you up.

Why forbid yourself from making mistakes? The more mistakes you do, the more you will remember to not repeat it again. And if you do repeat them, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the effort you put into learning to be better, and making mistakes are the only way to improve.

Know your weakness, know your flaws, know your strengths, KNOW YOURSELF.


“They are better than me”, “Why am I still in the same position?” “I don’t think I can be as good as them”, “I should probably quit since they are doing pretty much better without me”

One of The Demotivator‘s best traits is COMPARISON. The more you compare, the less you gain. It’s pointless, but it helps in bringing your self-esteem down into the pits of dark confinement.

So, what’s with the hassle? Why waste time comparing yourself with others when you can compare yourself with yourself? You are your worst enemy and you are also your best friend. When you start to compare and see who is the best, you will leave yourself behind since the attention is never onto yourself at the first place. Why focus on something that is far away when you can gain alot from something that is just in you?


So, are you still friends with The Demotivator?


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